In other gyms YOU do the work. At Neonetic WE DO THE WORK for you.
That's our secret formula.
WE make you Strong
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"No citizen has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training ... What a shame for a man to get old without ever seeing the beauty and power of what his body is capable."
-Socrates, 420 BCE

We Cracked the Strength Code For All Ages
We invented Functional Eccentric Training (F.E.T)

Our FET exercise machines are a patented design. They are optimised for the human range of motion with sensors that monitor in real time. This data is analysed by AI engine to give the certified personal trainer exact feedback.

Our trainers exercise you. You just have to help them pushing in the opposite direction.

30 minutes with Neonetic is equivalent to 2 hours in a traditional gym.

2 times a week is all you need to become stronger and younger!

Improve sleep, mood, and stress resilience. Get that extra energy to enjoy life!
Happiness and Vitality
Reduce inflammation, heal chronic pain, boost immune system
Prevent Ilnesses
Bone density, brain function, balance and coordination will improve. You will look and feel younger.
Reverse Your Age
Muscle, Joints, Ligaments, Fascia Strength - Your body and posture will become toned, flexible and resilient.
Strength is the Foundation for a Healthy Life
Your metabolism will improve so will your insulin and hormonal levels
Boost Your Metabolism
To become stronger your tissues need to adapt. When muscles elongate under load (it's called "eccentric phase") they adapt quicker and you lose less energy. We use this principle to produce the required load to cause the adaptation in your muscles, bones, ligaments, and fascia to make you stronger. Fast, efficient, and safe.
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secret of ECCENTRIC training
the Neonetic difference
Our trainers exercise you one-on-one. They use the machines to apply controlled forces while you resist, working in the opposite direction, producing eccentric muscle contractions. This method of training saves your energy and produces faster tissue adaptations. Until recently this was only available to elite athletes. Now it's available to you.
30 minutes 2 times a week is all we need to make you strong
Feel energized after exercise sessions
Traditional gym sessions often leave you tired and even exhausted.

At Neonetic you will feel the opposite of that - the boost of energy will surprise you each time you train with us.
Working deep muscle layers, fascia and joints
F.E.T. works on your deep muscle layers which are not accessible with traditional training methods.

F.E.T is also a great way to strengthen the tendons and ligaments, as well as to work your fascia tissues, and is gentle on your joints.
Reduce the risk of injury
Systematic functional eccentric training requires less metabolic effort, reduces the risk of injury and is gentle on the cardiovascular system.

According to a study in the Journal of Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy
Increase muscle strength
Functional Eccentric Training is more effective at increasing muscle strength than traditional concentric training, because it also engages the viscoelastic elements of the tissues.

According to the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research
Burn fat
Functional Eccentric Training increases metabolic activity for the next 72 hours after the training session.

Research by Hackney,
Engles & Gretebeck 2008
results you will get
100% have improved strength and energy levels
90% look and feel younger and more toned
80% feel relief from pain and discomfort
Neonetic Functional Eccentric Training (FET) is the fusion of personal trainers, unique mechanics, sensors and AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithms to monitor your exercise in real time and provide you and your trainer with actionable feedback.

Every workout is carefully tailored to you so your certified personal trainer works to ensure consistent progress.

Neonetic requires a different type of physical effort compared to a regular concentric workout that leaves you more energized after each session.

Neonetic training is so compelling that you go back for more!

Neonetic is blending mechanics, AI and the Human Touch


  • I am over the moon with Neonetic and learnt so much about how to built strength. It is a very efficient form of training and you achieve your goals faster than in a conventional gym. I had never trained eccentrically and the physical result has surprised me (both in muscle mass gain and fat loss). And I radiate energy after every session!

  • Andrea Sedeno
    Neonetic is revolutionary! I am stronger in just a few sessions; it's hard to believe. I leave every session more energized than when I arrived.
    My trainer knew how to extract the best out of me thanks to the instant feedback from the Neonetic system.

  • Really great workout - highly recommended! Trainers are very knowledgeable and it’s a very safe and efficient way of building strength and mobility. The energy boost I get is incredible! I am now so much more supple and flexible.

efficient. pleasant.
20+ unique eccentric exercice stations
250+ Exercises
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